Chris Hartnoll Photography


Rutland Water

The images shown here all appear in Chris' new book "Moods of Rutland Water". The exact location from which the photographs were taken are all detailed in the appendix to the book, along with dates, times and camera settings for each photograph. Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image..
0405-02-29 From Edith Weston
0403-01-21 Towards Lodge Inlet
0312-01-03 Barnsdale Wood
0310-02-04 Near Whitwell
0211-03-13 Near the Moat, Hambleton
0402-01-02 The "Three Trees"
0402-01-19 Syke's Spinney
0210-01-28 Near Hambleton Wood
0301-03-03 Hinman's Spinney
0310-02-07 The Drought Garden
0404-01-23 The southern shore
0405-01-13 Towards Barnsdale Woods