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Fine art prints

All the images shown are available as individually signed, limited edition fine art prints.

They are printed to A3 size (16.5 x 11.5 inches/ 42 x 29 centimetres) onto paper sized at 18 x 14 inches, All prints are supplied unmounted, thereby different mounting and framing options.

The images on this site are low-resolution, low-density files to ensure that the pages load at an acceptable speed. They do not represent the quality of prints produced from the high quality process described below:

Up until mid 2006, all images have been taken with a Canon 35mm SLR film camera. Fine-grain, professional-quality slide film has been used to capture the finest detail of the scene.

The resulting transparencies were then professionally scanned to a resolution of 300 dots per inch using a high end drum scanner. This proved to be the only way to succesfully extract every detail and the full range of colours captured on film to high resolution digital files.

Since 2006, images have been captured on a Canon EOS5D digital camera. Images are always taken in Canon RAW format to ensure that the maximum detail is recorded. Minimal image processing is undertaken in Adobe Photoshop; the final image is effectively as it was captured with virtually no digital manipulation..

The digital image produced by either method is then printed by a state of the art ultra fine ink jet print process using Epson Ultra Chrome K3 inks onto Hannemuhler German Etching paper. Taken altogether, the combination of processes and materials used offers an extremely high degree of accuracy and reproduction of detail and produces a high saturation and richness of colour.

As a result of the care taken at each stage of this reproduction process, the resulting prints are of the finest quality available and have an estimated lightfast life of seventy years.

Each limited edition print is, of course, individually numbered and signed by Chris.

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"Moods of Rutland Water" is a glossy, hard-cover photographic picture book illustrating the moods of the water throughout the seasons.

Rutland Water is situated in the heart of England’s smallest county and is one of Europe’s largest man made reservoirs. Created in 1977, it covers an area of 3100 acres providing 25 miles of delightful shoreline pathways.

This book illustrates the moods of the water throughout the seasons. The book includes detailed location notes of all the photographs in the Technical Section at the end of the book which Chris hopes will encourage others to further explore the pathways and the off-the-beaten track places that make this area so special.

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Photographic Courses

Chris now offers one or two day courses on the essentials of photographing landscapes.

The course structure is based around the following "modules":

1) The essentials of composition; the visual techniques of making an attractive image. Much more than just the rule of thirds. 2) The technical aspects of camera settings for landscape photography; how to control exposure by balancing depth of field/f-stops, ISO settings and shutter speeds. 3) The importance and effect of different light conditions; introduction to essential filters. 4) An introduction to the essentials of digital processing: file types, resolution, white balance, post-processing. 5) Practical: on location at Rutland Water; shooting photographs at dusk.

Although flexible, the course typically starts at 10:00 am and will take place in the classroom until about an hour before sunset when the participants relocate to the shores of Rutland Water to practice the learned theory.

Full course notes are included

The technical aspects of the course are aimed primarily at digital SLR users. However, it is also highly relevant to compact camera users and those considering investing in an SLR system, to whom advice can also be given.

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Fine Art prints are priced at £55.00 each, excluding post and secure packaging to any UK address

"Moods of Rutland Water" is available at £17.50 including post and secure packaging to any UK address.

The two-day landscape course costs £250 per participant. Courses can be arranged for groups (never more than four people at a time) or specifically tailored to an individual's requirements. One-to-one tuition is priced at £200 per day. Prices are fully inclusive of all manuals, meals and refreshments throughout the day.

For overseas orders, please email delivery details to "" for details of any additional delivery charges

Please contact us for additional information on any of the above items.

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To order any of the limited-edition prints, a copy of the book, or to enquire about the photographic courses, please send details of your enquiry to "Chris Hartnoll"

Email: Mobile: 07801280917

Please include your contact details, preferably including a 'phone number, with your order.

Delivery on all items within the UK will be three weeks from our receipt of your order, except for the book which will be four days.