Chris Hartnoll Photography


Wast Water and Wasdale, the Lake District

This was a week long project undertaken in October 2004. The weather was perfect for photography and the pictures from Sca Fell Pike and Great Gable were well worth carrying the equipment to the summits.... Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image..
0410-01-08 Wast Water, Thursday
0410-01-13 The Wasdale Head Inn
0410-03-06 Wast Water, Monday 7.27am
0410-03-11 Wast Water, Monday 7.54am
0410-02-24 Great Gable
0410-01-27 Lingmell Beck
0410-02-32 From Great Gable
0410-02-26 Netherbeck Bridge
0410-01-15 From Bursting Knott
0410-01-29 The Screes
0410-02-03 From Sca Fell Pike
0410-01-32 Hardrigg Gill